One Response to “Serious Rights Violations in the United Arab Emirates Spotlighted at the United Nations”

  1. john says:

    Republic of Kazakhstan is famous place for UAE sheikh’s hunting hobby. According to this, political leaders of the Kazakhstan try to use hunting sector for their political and economical purpose specially with UAE Sheikh elite.
    As an examples, President of Kazakhstan has issued permit for Emiraty Sheikhs to hunt bastards (Hubara) in South Kazakhstan’s steps. For instance, this kind of birds is not alloyed to be hunted around the world.
    So, around this issue some questions are needed to be answered as follow:
    – Why the administration of Presidential Affairs in Republic of Kazakhstan which follows this sector is keeping silent and secret the fact of hunting Otis Tardes in South Kazakhstan region by The President of United Arab Emirates every year in fall.
    – The population of South Kazakhstan region is suffering from the jobless, so why this population does not have right to be employed in this sector to give them nice job places in the region.
    – Hunting area is taking huge territory in the region, so a lot of local peasants had been banned from their agricultural fields.
    – Why the local and international journalists restricted to enter the territory and camp where Emiraty Sheikhs are proceeding their hunt hobby.
    – What about international organization for protecting nature and wild life like “Green Peace” do they know about this issue.
    – Why the President of Kazakhstan has a right to give license to hunt the Otis Tardes (bastard) which is protected by the international organizations and banned to hunt.
    – Source of this information from talkative hunt organizing members in South Kazakhstan Sheikh Muhamad Al Ariki counselor of Sheikh Mansur Al Nahayan in Shymkent and Mr. Slava Bakiyev officer in the department of intelligence in National security of Kazakhstan as well as their team members in Shymkent.
    – Personal life details of sheikh Mansur Al Nahayan and other family members spreaded between Shymkent population, the reason of this Muhamad Al Ariki, Slava and their company talking much more in local entertainment places like restaurants and saunas. So personal life of Abu Dabi Sheikhs secrets well known in Shymkent.
    – Al Ariki and Slava are both members of intelegent agencies of Ukrain and Kazakhstan, so Sheikh trust to foreign intelligence are more than their trust to UAE citizens.
    – Probably UAE officials can give some comments regarding this information and who is this Al-Ariki and Slava whom claim representatives of UAE in South Kazakhstan.

    Who will take responsibility for this issue and crime to give the people of UAE answers to this and other questions.

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